Register and edit trials in the German Clinical Trials Register

You need a personal user account for the DRKS to create and edit trial data. Use your user name and password to get access to the authenticated area of the portal.

Please note: JavaScript must be enabled to open the following pages and to log in to the authenticated area.

If you do not have a user account yet, you can easily register online.
User registration

Login for demonstration purposes

If you would like to have a look at the authenticated area only you can use the demonstration environment. It is a separate copy of the register providing the complete functionality of the real register. You can save and edit your own trial data there.
However, a registration of the entered data with the DRKS will be done under no circumstances.

To get instant access to and easy overview at the system functionality without creating an individual user account using the demonstration environment of the DRKS you can use a predefined user account for demonstration purposes. Please use the following credentials to login as demo user:

Please note that all entered data will be visible to all other people using the demo user login. Furthermore the data in the demonstration environment will be deleted periodically and reset to an initial and empty state.
Login using demonstration environment

To create an individual user account using the demonstration environment of the DRKS please use the corresponding registration dialogue.
User registration using demonstration environment

Last Modified: 07-13-2015