Web design for accessibility

This web site was developed to be simply and clearly accessible for different users. It was developed in a way that different people do have access to it. In order to also people with handicaps can use the DRKS web site easily the standards and guidelines as laid out by the W3C have been implemented.


The web pages are accessible using one of the modern web browsers. If possible, please use the latest version of a modern web browser to access the web site.

Display settings and font size

The internet content of the DRKS is layouted to adjust to the chosen display settings and font size chosen on your local installation flexibly. Please use the browser functionality to change font sizes.

Dynamical adjustment of the font size

Use the following keyboard shortcuts to zoom-in or zoom-out with some of the most commonly used web browsers:

Contrasting font colour

For a maximum font contrast on our web pages we provide a specific display format, to display the content in yellow font colour on a black background. You can enable, respectively disable this feature: (De)activate yellow on black background


Shortcuts are a navigation device enabling you to get around this web site using your keyboard. Available shortcuts:

Using shortcuts in different web browsers

Trigger shortcuts with the following keyboard sequences with some of the most commonly used web browsers:

PDF files and accessibility

Trial documents are published as HTML pages as well as PDF files. Please use a PDF reader to open the PDF files. You can download a free version by following this link: Download Adobe Reader

However, we are aware, that we cannot reliably ensure the accessibility of the published PDF files. If required please use the HTML pages of the published trial documents.

Last Modified: 09-30-2014